Meditation Techniques Are Different for Everyone

Meditation Techniques

Correct Meditation Techniques

The title “Correct Meditation Techniques” is kind of misleading. When I first started learning about meditation techniques, I quickly found there are many ways to do it. However, it can seem confusing as certain programs tell you exactly how it is done. While I don’t follow any specific meditation techniques, I have found one program to help more than others. Check out the program I use here.

My Thoughts on Meditation Techniques

Because meditation can be done in many different ways, here are my thoughts on technique.

I start by relaxing myself. It doesn’t matter if I sit, stand, lay, or walk. Keeping my mind focus is key. However, I don’t have a preference on eyes open or closed. Sometimes it feels right to sit back and close my eyes. Often I find my eyes open but focusing on something specific. Nature is a great example of steady yet uneven flow. Watching tree branches sway or fire on a candle burn can be a steady experience to help focus. However, using these helps is not necessary.

As I mentioned before, I use the tracks found here for all of my meditation. However using soundtracks is also not necessary. All you need to meditate is your mind and the drive to focus it. I am constantly working to find simple ways to meditate in new ways. Although I do like to follow tracks often, I find that mixing it up with some simplistic methods is also great for me.

No matter what stages of learning to meditate you are in, there is always room to grow. If you feel like your meditation techniques aren’t working, then change them. However, if you feel comfortable in what you are already doing then you should probably stick to your methods. The most important thing to note about meditation techniques is that it is all about how you personally feel.


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