Meditation Guide for People Who Can’t Sleep Well

meditation guide

Modern society has left a lot of people as insomniacs. The bright lights, the city noises, the constant distractions – our bodies aren’t naturally tuned to these sorts of things. Luckily, the techniques in this meditation guide will have you floating on clouds. Metaphorically – but the sleep is just as good.

#1 Yawn

I bet you yawned right now. Oops, you did it again. You see, there have been studies that show that even reading about yawning makes you do it. The action releases tension in your muscles and allows you to rest better. Use it just before meditating for the best results!

#2 Color Visualization

Just when you thought you were going to get some shut-eye, it happens. The dog’s neighbor is barking. The guy next door starts his noisy car on his way to the night shift job. Police sirens are blaring. Whatever the reason is, any chances of sleep have gone down the drain.

Unless you use the meditation guide technique known as color visualization, that is. It might sound awkward, but it actually helps you tune out the noises quite effectively.

What you need to do is imagine that you inhale and exhale colors. Inhale/exhale yellow, pause, inhale/exhale purple, etc. Trust me, it’s too ridiculous to make up. Maybe you’ll find it too funny to pay attention to outside noises. 😉

meditation guide

#3 meditation guide – Music for Sleep

No meditation guide is complete without some relaxing music to go with your sleep. I’ve seen people use whale sounds, as a way to get a good night’s rest. Hey, if it works, it works. Who am I to judge?

Listen to some relaxing tunes about half an hour before hitting the hay. Combine it with the color visualization technique. The rhythm of the music should help you regulate your breathing and allow you to peacefully drift asleep. Good night!

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